Pennsylvania DUI/Traffic/License Suspension Lawyers

If you have been stopped in Pennsylvania and have received a ticket or were arrested for a traffic offense or DUI, contact Kelly, Goodman and Tillger to represent you against the charges. Points for traffic tickets and DUI arrests or charges start adding up on your license and will eventually cause it to be suspended or revoked. When you work to provide a living for a family, that puts an excessive burden on you and the family.


When you are stopped for driving under the influence, or DUI, you may be asked to perform sobriety tests. These may include a breathalyzer, balancing, walking a straight line or even counting or saying the alphabet. If you are not able to perform these tests, you may be arrested for DUI, even if you can’t perform those tests because of a medical problem.

Contact Kelly, Goodman and Tillger if you are charged or arrested for DUI. Our office will request all evidence from the state, including but limited to any video the police may have taken, the police report and the results of the sobriety tests. We will review them and ask you about your side of the story, including any reason you believe that might have contributed to failing the sobriety tests. Because the consequences of a DUI are usually severe, you’ll want someone who will fight for your rights in court.

Traffic Offenses

Even minor traffic violations could start adding up points on your license, and if you get enough of them, you’re going to end up losing your license. You may be thinking that it costs more than it’s worth to retain an attorney to fight a ticket, but when you start adding up the financial consequences, it’s often less expensive to retain a Pennsylvania traffic attorney. Financial consequences may include fines and increased insurance premiums and deductibles. You may also have to pay costs associated with your punishment including court fees and probation fees. An attorney may be able to get the charges reduced or dismissed, thus reducing fines and other consequences.

License Suspension

Once you get a certain number of points on your license, or if you have been charged with DUI a certain number of times, the state will suspend or revoke your license. If your license has been suspended or revoked, our firm can help you get it back. At the very least, if we cannot get full driving privileges restored, we may be able to get you a limited license so that you can get to work or school.

Contact Kelly, Goodman and Tillger

Contact our Pennsylvania DUI and traffic attorneys at Kelly, Goodman and Taylor to set up a consult if you have been issued a traffic ticket, have been charged or arrested for DUI or if your license has been suspended.

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