Michael B. Goodman

Michael B. Goodman practices in Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Philadelphia, Lehigh, Northampton and Berks counties and together with his partners, bring over 75 years of combined legal experience to the table. Whether you are served with a lawsuit or you need to file a lawsuit, whether you prefer to settle or go to court, Attorney Goodman will use his experience to ensure the best outcome possible.

Practice Areas

Practice areas include:

  • DUI and traffic tickets;
  • License suspensions;
  • Estate planning and administration;
  • Landlord and tenant issues;
  • Personal injury; and
  • Workers’ compensation.

Attorney Michael B. Goodman

Attorney Goodman’s legal experience helps to get you the best outcome possible based on the circumstances of your case while upholding the highest standards of integrity, regardless of the type of case you have.

Protecting Your Rights

He provides effective representation in a compassionate manner while fighting for your rights, regardless of the type of case you have. He will attempt to negotiate a settlement agreement for DUI and traffic tickets; or to have the charges dropped, if circumstances warrant. He is thorough in his investigations; and starts out by requesting all evidence from the state, including police reports and any field tests.

Compassionate Representation

His compassion doesn’t stop there. He knows that personal injury matters can also be emotional, especially when a loved one becomes incapacitated or dies as a result of an accident. Workers’ compensation cases could also be emotional, especially when an injury suffered at work is not temporary.

While he is compassionate with you, he will be unwavering in his quest for justice while working on your personal injury or workers’ compensation case.

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