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Pennsylvania DUI/Traffic/License Suspension Lawyers

If you have been stopped in Pennsylvania and have received a ticket or were arrested for a traffic offense or DUI, contact Kelly, Goodman and Taylor to represent you against the charges. Points for traffic tickets and DUI arrests or charges start adding up on your license and will eventually cause it to be suspended or revoked. When you work to provide a living for a family, that puts an excessive burden on you and the family.

Pennsylvania Expungement Lawyers

A criminal record can have an awful impact on your quality of life, leaving you to deal with repeated rejections from potential employers and landlords. Unfortunately, the difficulties don't end there; the personal cost can also be extensive, as you deal with feelings of shame or embarrassment.

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation/Personal Injury Lawyers

If negligence or malicious intent have caused you harm on or off the job, it is in your best interest to seek legal advice from a law firm you trust. Depending on the nature of your injuries and the circumstances that caused them, you may be eligible for extensive compensation. The right lawyer can help you determine what type of compensation is available and whether you have a viable case. From there, your attorney can build a strong case, complete with exceptional evidence and convincing negotiations. You could emerge with compensation for your medical bills and loss of work, and perhaps even punitive damages.

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