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When you need to know your rights after you were charged with a traffic offense, if you have a problem tenant or a problem landlord, were hurt in an accident or at work, or you need to create your estate, you can count on the Pennsylvania lawyers at Kelly, Goodman and Tillger. Avoid criminal records, jail time and license suspensions, file an eviction or get your affairs in order by starting out with a consult with one of our attorneys.

DUI’s/Traffic Citations/Licensing Issues

Whether you have been charged with DUI or other traffic infractions, retain a Pennsylvania traffic attorney to represent you in court. Our attorneys will obtain the evidence against you including video, the police report and any field tests; and then, after reviewing the evidence and hearing your side of the story, will negotiate with the state for lesser charges or to even drop the charges. If you feel you have been wrongly charged with DUI because of a false breathalyzer reading, contact us as soon as possible.

Traffic issues need to be cleared up sooner rather than later. If you are found guilty, points could be added to your license, and when you have enough points, the state will suspend or revoke your license. You can avoid license suspensions or revocations and even jail time in most cases when an attorney is able to negotiate with the state on your behalf. When we are successful, you’ll also avoid increased insurance premiums.


If you are a landlord with a bad tenant, contact our attorneys to help file an eviction and to recover damages by the tenant. We’ll file the eviction and any other documents needed to get the tenant out and have them pay for the damages they may have caused.

And, if you are a tenant with a landlord who is not fulfilling his or her requirements to provide an appropriate rental property, contact us to help you get the landlord to make repairs as needed. We may start with a demand letter and then file a lawsuit against a landlord who doesn’t comply with the laws.

Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation

Personal injury covers many types of accidents including slip and fall, dog bites, car accidents and more. Workers’ compensation also covers those types of accidents when they happen while you are on the job. Our attorneys will help you recover medical costs, and depending on the situation, will ensure that you get the compensation you are entitled to if the accident caused you to lose work, lose physical ability or even lose the companionship of a loved one.

Estate Planning and Administration

Many people don’t think about creating a will and trusts until they are older. However, younger people need to create an estate, especially if you have children. An estate protects your assets should you become incapacitated or die unexpectedly.

When you do lose a loved one, we will help you administer the estate, which can be complicated, especially when it must go through the courts.

Contact our attorneys to help you create an estate or to help you administer a deceased loved one’s estate.

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